Amazon rain forest is the heart of the world

Amazon rain forest For the indigenious population the of theAmazon rain forest it is so importence that their home , their culture is closely related to the forest. If now you destroy the forest you also destroy the indigenious people that are left there.
Its is really amazing that some of the tribes in the amazon still have not had contact with outside world and the culture yet too.
And now can we destroy the Amazon's rain forest people's way of life ? The amazon rainforest people have been happily living for thousands of years.
And now if we destroy the indigenious life, we will not only lost the people but will also lost their language , art , culture , and also their knowledge too. If you see the amazon rainforest is also home to thousands of spices are from all kinds of bactarias to plants to great mammals , and many are already endangered.
amazon Rainforest

amazon rainforest bird

For economic devolopment the process of deforestation has been a large number of loss to all of us, it a huge loss of the whole human being .
As we know that animals , plants are both importence for overall balance of the environmental system of the world. So, you can view the forest as a DNA bank holding the sercret to many defferent areas of human knowladge.
amazon rainforest
And who better than the indigenious people to tell us about these secrets ? They know many of the secrets because they have been livening there for thousands of years.
We should not forget that amazon rainforest also plays a big role in the climate that affects the entire world.
Also amazon works like a great air condition , it cools downs the temperature in the entire world by 1 or 2 degress celsius. And helps to balance the humanity and rain in several parts of the globes.
So we have to understands the value of the amazon rainforest and we need to remmember it's great gift.

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New iphone5 is again comeback for No.1 super smartphone in the market place.

new apple iphone5
New apple iphone5
New Iphone 5 is again in no.1 position of all smartphones catagory. Apple's new Iphone 5 is the best Iphone yet or not for a little bit , either. According to apple the new iphone 5 got many changes from its original virsion. Like, it got bigger screen size of 4inches of retina display, It's now 0.9 ounces lighter than the original iPhone 4 and almost 0.08 of an inch thinner. It feels like an iPhone that went on a radical diet. Anyway inshort the new iphone5 is the best. The question is do you need to upgrade with your current iphone 4s with the new iphone 5 ?
Lest see what's the new features of iphone 5.. Apple's new iPhone is an excellent smartphone. It's larger than previous iPhones but still comfortable to hold, the LTE connection and A6 chip give it incredible performance, and turn-by-turn navigation is a welcome new feature. The iPhone 5's got new 4-inch diagonal display and a few new features have come. But overall it is the same of old iphone 4s, just has a bigger screen of 4 inches.
New iphone 5 blends a strong platform update with a brilliantly designed piece of unified hardware to create a sharp contrast with a legion of palm-busting, giant-screen Android and Windows Phone devices.
Android fans assume this is some sort of nefarious plot to subvert Android's steady growth in the smartphone market. It's as good, and sometimes better, than some of the best Android devices on the market today. Here are some of the reasons why.

Awesome Design : Many once believed that the iPhone 5 would be a radical re-imagining of Apple's iPhone, because The more things change, the more they stay the same. Personally, I love the new look. At 2.31 inches wide -- virtually identical to the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5's new 4-inch diagonal display offers the same pixel-per-inch resolution as the last retina -resolution iPhone, but this screen is considerably longer, allowing for another row of app icons and more room for content, such as full- screen HD movie playback. They've removed a layer from the LCD screen so the pixels and the touch sensor are on one layer. The result is that icons and other onscreen objects look as if they're right under your finger, instead of a layer of glass. It's a nice upgrade, but not life- changing.

Camera Gets Better : What do we do with our smartphones? Take pictures. Apple achieved some parity with all the Android phones of the world when it finally added an 8-megapixel camera that can also record 1080p video at 30 frames per second to the iPhone 4S. Instead of focusing on the numbers race, Apple turned its attention to performance. The iPhone 5 shoots photos almost twice as fast as the iPhone 4S.
The iPhone 5's camera also promised better low-light performance. I find the low-light performance of the iPhone 4S pretty strong and can't say I saw a noticeable difference with the iPhone 5.

Battery Life : One more reason why apple is the best smart phone yet is that where big screen android phones are usually searching for power outlet before a day is over there iphone 5 constantly gives you more than 9 hours of battery backup.

But over all the new iphone 5 is not a mega change. You may wait for the next model of iphone 6. Anyway it totally up to you if you are a hardcore apple fan.


How does it feel when you are dying ?

Nobody can tell how does it feel when you are dying. Because after you die you can't explain it. But as a basic idea we are all knows that dying is very painfull and we can not endure it. So how can we know what a dying person feels? - well if science and accounts from lucky survivors help us then we can make an idea about it.
And the lucky person is luckily one of my friend. I can not say his name but can give a flash of his photo.
The servivor of
In India 40% of the amount of suiside attempts are majorly comes from students. When student have no ways they likes to choose attempt to suiside as a only one way which surely give their the leisure from all the troubles.
The story start from the time when we were at high school. I had no many problems with my life at the time. But when our H.S exam was coming and for preparation we was meeting together for a little time. Our first exam was bangali and the bengali exam we was done well. After the bangali exam came english exam. He was always week in english and normally as the result his english exam was not done well. This was the bad day when he was going to attempt to suiside. I had no idea about he will take to attempt such a strong and horrible work. At the day of the english exam I was call him to come over my home and plaining to go to school with together. But he said that he was not coming.After end of english exam I was going straight to his home. His mother said to me when I reached to their home that he was attempt to suiside the last night and somehow his father safed him. When I asked him about the fellings when he was in almost near of death. he said in bengali. ---
" jokhon amar gola diye tan porchilo amar chokher samne sada hoye gelo. Mone holo jeno golar har venge jabe. Mukh open korte parbi na. Sudhu hus-push kore sound ber korte parbi.."

But what's the medical/ biological support for all these aspects? -- A report released by New Scientist earlier this month answered to some questions related to the feelings and sensations a person experiences in various ways of dying. Generally, a person is considered dead when blood circulation (translated in heart activity) has stopped. This is the clinical death, but in many cases, modern technology has permitted the restart / recovery of heart activity - such methods include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), defibrillation, epinephrine shots. So perhaps it would be more biologically correct to say that the person has died when the brain is dead.
In the case most people died for the neck broken from the first cervical vertebra, and death should come in a matter of seconds, maximum 2 minutes. The reality is more shocking: over three quarters of the convicted die after a torture of many minutes, during which they desperately try to breathe.
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Reasons of Decreasing of the popularity of bangal Tigers (endangered) in India.

About Tiger:

Tigers are the largest members of the cat family and are renowned for their power and strength. Thier total body length is of up to 3.3 metres (11 ft) and weighing up to 306 kg (670 lb). They usualy live in tropical rainforests, evergreen forests, mangrove swamps, grasslands, seavannas, and temperate forests. tigers give birth to 2-3 cubs every 2-2.5 years.
Tigers generally gain independence at two years of age and attain sexual maturity at 3-4 years for females and at 4-5 years for males. Tigers generally gain independence at two years of age and attain sexual maturity at 3-4 years for females and at 4-5 years for males. Juvenile mortality is high however —about half of all cubs do not survive more than two years. Tigers have been known to reach the age of 26 years in the wild.

Indian Bangal Tigers

Bengal tigers live in India and are sometimes called Indian tigers. They are the most common tiger and number about half of all wild tigers. Over many centuries they have become an important part of Indian tradition and lore.

Reasons of decreasing bangal tigers in India

There were eight tiger subspecies at one time, but three became extinct during the 20th century. Over the last 100 years, hunting and forest destruction have highly reduced tiger populations from hundreds of thousands of animals to perhaps fewer than 2,500.
1. The bangal tigers always have been be a part of indiar lore. And that why they was hunting by indian maha rajas(kings) for their joy.
2. The bangal tigers are killed for trophies for many years in india.
3. An other reason of bangal tigers reduceness is their body parts that are used in traditional Chinese medicine.
4. Also the skin of bangal tigers used in a lot of thing. Like of making leathers and jackets.
5. Also just for decorate or showcase.
Source from wikipedia and national geography news .