Amazon rain forest is the heart of the world

Amazon rain forest

For the indigenious population the of theAmazon rain forest it is so importence that their home , their culture is closely related to the forest. If now you destroy the forest you also destroy the indigenious people that are left there.
Its is really amazing that some of the tribes in the amazon still have not had contact with outside world and the culture yet too.
And now can we destroy the Amazon's rain forest people's way of life ? The amazon rainforest people have been happily living for thousands of years.
And now if we destroy the indigenious life, we will not only lost the people but will also lost their language , art , culture , and also their knowledge too. If you see the amazon rainforest is also home to thousands of spices are from all kinds of bactarias to plants to great mammals , and many are already endangered.
amazon Rainforest

amazon rainforest bird

For economic devolopment the process of deforestation has been a large number of loss to all of us, it a huge loss of the whole human being .
As we know that animals , plants are both importence for overall balance of the environmental system of the world. So, you can view the forest as a DNA bank holding the sercret to many defferent areas of human knowladge.
amazon rainforest
And who better than the indigenious people to tell us about these secrets ? They know many of the secrets because they have been livening there for thousands of years.
We should not forget that amazon rainforest also plays a big role in the climate that affects the entire world.
Also amazon works like a great air condition , it cools downs the temperature in the entire world by 1 or 2 degress celsius. And helps to balance the humanity and rain in several parts of the globes.
So we have to understands the value of the amazon rainforest and we need to remmember it's great gift.

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