Can piranha fish really eat a human or It's a myth ?

piranha fishes
Piranha fishes eating a fish.
Piranha fishes have a fierace reputation in the world. The frightening reputation of the piranha comes from the myth that piranhas can strips anybody to the bone in under a minite. But Can piranhas really strip anyone to the bone in under a minute ?
Many of us says that this is just a myth. And other says that they saw how piranhs can strips any aminal or fishes to the bone in under just about one or two minites. The story started when Theodore Roosevelt went on a hunting expedition in Brazil in 1913. Standing on the bank of the Amazon River, he watched piranhas attack a cow with shocking ferocity. water was boiling with frenzied piranhas and blood , and after about a minute or two, a skeleton was floating to the suddenly calm surface. After seen the scenario he wrote quite a bit about the vicious creatures in his 1914 book, "Through the Brazilian Wilderness."
After a long time Hollywood aslo picked it up from there with the 1978 horror flick "Piranha". So, it can not be wrong that we have been scared from piranhas till now. Why not ? .. if you go to search on internet for piranhas or seen a video of how piranhas eats then may be anyone would belife that yes piranhs can really strips anybody to the bone in under a singel minite. And the anybody would be any human. That's why we always makes a horrible image in our mind about piranhs.

Piranh's actual name is TOOTH FISH in indian language. Because The name “piranha” is derived from the Tupi Indian language, native to Brazil. It’s a combination of the Tupi word pira, or “fish,” and ranha, meaning “tooth."
If you search the rate of the persons who has bitten by piranhs and die then the rate obviously will be of 1-2%. But yes , they are carnivorous critters with sharp teeth. "It’s like they have a mouthful of scalpels," says Erica Clayton, Amazon collection manager at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Even so, instances of piranhas biting humans are extremely rare.
In general, if you leave them alone, they’ll do the same for you. Still, if you decide you must take a dip in the Amazon, make sure you don’t have any open wounds—-the smell of blood attracts piranhas.