4 steps to get succed on any blogging carrer.

4 steps to get success on any blogging carrer.

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You have just came to blogging carrer. And You're thinking how to generate money and revenue from blogging and also thinking about how much much time it takes to start earning. You have came across the website and blogs whichs provides free blogging tips but still you cannot managed your blogging rules. But You saw those blogs have archived their succed. But the question is How ?
well, lets talk about blogging carrer in every possible detailes. At first blogging is one kind of website system mainly for share unique contents and publishe it on online media then you'll be called a blogger. But to making money from blogging you must need to develop your own unique blogging style.
I know every new bloggers has just one question that is how it will be possible to make money blogging? I say yes its possible.. But to be able to start your earning it's take a long time,even a few years. That's why 90% of bloggers abandons their blogging career before they get start their earning. You're might thinking that how much time it's takes to be able to start solid earning ? -- It's will take 2-3 years ( only when you have planed full of your strategy from beginning to end. )
You have to decide that can you work non-stop for at least 1 year and 6 months. After that time I guaranty you will can start your earning. Now lets talk about what skills are needed to make it successfully or How should make a plan to manage it. But rarely do people share the true secrets behind their fairly established online existence. however, I have made a plan that already I am using and it surely can takes you to the success. The plan have total 4 steps.

First 1-6 months of starting. (Step#1)
At this time when start your blogging your traffic will be zero. At this time you should follow this rules.
•1. create a blog with google blogger. Why blogger, not wordpress ? For this question read the article.(coming soon)
•2. Choose a topic that helps you to make money. Don't choose the niches as your like. You need to be logical in the choice of your blog niche. Wrong blogging nich won't make money. Many blogger's endeavour fails for their wrong decision of blogging nich and misunderstanding of what keyword means. I will write most deeply on this.(coming soon)
•3. Published post daily. At least 2 posts in a day.(only for this step)
•4. Use blogging widgets in blogger templates. ( that will make you more skilful in template designibg and coding knowledge. )
•5. Buy a custom domain name.($6-12/year- after complete first 6 months of starting. )--Why ?{coming soon}
•6. Learn about SEO and submit sitemaps in google and yahoo's webmaster tools. For more details about SEO read this articles Answers Of top 3 questions on SEO. and How to submit sitemap to google webmaster tools.(coming soon)
•7. Start learning and applying HTML and CSS3 tutorials in template customization.
•8. Do not add any CPM ad in blog. Like google adsence. This is not the right time to do this.
•9. Learn how web hosting is works.
First 6-12months of starting (step#2)
At this time your traffic should be 100-150 views/day. and you should have at least 150 posts.
Note: if you have not 150 posts then you should not go to step #2. Complete your rules before you enter into step #2.
Now when you have completed your first goal you are qualified for your next step of blogging plan.
•1. Now when you have 150 posts you have to build solid backlinks to your blog. How? here the lists: -
• Write guest posts to other populer blogs around you. Give your best shoot in guest posts. ( keep in mind the blogs you are going to write guest post should be on your blogging nich. )
• Create twitter , facebook fan page,google page. And share the posts you are already written. And also try to build a readership of your blog.
• Write posts and submit in popular article directories. Like ezinearticles.com | squidoo.com
• Creat a yahoo account and sign up for yahoo answer and answer question and ask questions in your nich and give backlink to your blog.
• Sign up to the blog community sites and creat your own reader network. Here are populer blog community site lists below.
indiblogger.in (for only indian) | bloggers.com
In a word , create a solid backlink to your blog. Because in next steps you need extreme traffic.
•2. Works on your Alexa Rank. The best tip to improve Alexa is Post Frequency and nothing else. Keep your posts focused on social media to boost Alexa Rank.
•3. Search how to increase raffic in google and apply them.
•4. Apply for google adsence and add the graphic barnner advertizemnet only in two place. The ad size should be 300 x 300 px. You should not make your blog like fish market of ad.
•5. Beside of your online post writing develop your any own online product like ebook or other services . and start working with it. I personally recommend to start on writing ebook.
•6. Build your a solid readership by using rss subscribe. Here are some way encourage the visitors to subscribe the rss by email.
• Add pop- up window of subscription box widget in blog.( We will dive more deep to understand how to increase the subscribe rate ? )
• One of the biggest secret of visitor's behaviour is that they want always free services. So if you give them a chance to subscribe your blog RSS free, then their subscribe rate may increase. In short when you act like your service is paid and you give this service for free then visitor takes more interest in subscribe the blog.
• Creat any resource and give it free downloadable but require to visitors to subscribe your blog before they download it.

First 12- 18 months of starting (step#3)
At this time your traffic should will be 500 views/day. and you should have at least 330 posts.
•1. Open a web hosting account on hostgator (if you have any product or service )
•2. Published your product ( if you have any )
•3. sign up an account on a affiliate programe like clickbank. And write posts based on the affiliate product which you promoting on your blog.
Note : keep your this strategy continuously to increase the total traffic untill it reached at 1000views/day.

First 18- 24 months of starting
Now you surely have your current traffic 1000views/day.
•1. Apply for Banner Ad services like BuySellAds .
•2. Follow professional bloggers and learn their Marketing strategies and apply them.
•3. Be polite in your tone even if someone tries to pull your legs.
•4. Always keep an eye on your competitor.
•5. Now you got your succeed. keep safe your this endeavaour. And always try to do your best.

Good luck.. Keep blogging !!


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