A man eaten alive by an anaconda snake in Brazil

A man eaten alive by an anaconda snake in Brazil

A man eaten alive by an anaconda snake in Brazil

A man etean by anaconda snake alive The question everyone asks -- Does an any anaconda eat a whole human alive ? This answer is -- Absolutely Yes !! But this is very rare. In most cases it is probably a small adult and a huge anaconda. Most anaconda snakes are predators , their instinct is to kill and eat. Very large anaconda can kill easily a dog or a big cow and can eat them. They have also a jaw they can unhinge and they have very stretchy skin so, they are very capable of eating thinks that seem to be large.
And now i want to share a true story, how did an anaconda eat a boy alive while he was asleep.
In brazil anaconda snakes are not fussy about what they have for lunch. Even a boy who happened to fall asleep on the bank of a river. One can only imagize the horror of this boy as he awoke to find himself being slowly swallowed by a gaint anaconda snake.
The crew of the boat who caught the snake ,did not know what they had found unit they cut open the snake and looked inside the anaconda snake.
The nature is cruel. There are no two ways about it. Everything in nature is FOOD for somthing else in nature. It is the hard truth of reality which most people don't want to face.
The boy was just good food for the snake. The snake will become food for snake eaters of various tyes.
Scray....The world we live in.

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Shah Jahan Cut Off The Hand Of Workers after completion of Taj-mahal

taj mahal
The taj mahal in agra is indisputably of mugal architecture. Described by Robindra nath as " a tear on the face of eternity". Its in popular imagination a veritable "wornder of the word".
The white splendored tomb was bult by Emperor shah jahan in the memory of his fevorite wife , 'Arjumand Bandu begum' better known 'mumtaz Mahal'.

Mumtaz mahal was married shah jahan in 1662. And mumtaz was the second wife of shah jahan . But after 17 years of married mumtaz died in childbirth. After died of mumtaz shah Jahan decided to commemorate the memory of mumtaz with a building the like of which had never been seen before.

sahazahan The dead queen brought to agra bank land rest in a garden on the banks of the Jamuna river. A council of the best architects was assembled to prepare design for the tomb.
The tomb which is higher than a mordener 20 store building took 22 years to complete with a workforce of 20,000.
Carftman from as far as turkey came to join in the work. The construction of the Taj mahal commenced in 1631 and was completed in 1653. Korkers were gathered from all over the country ( India ) and central asia.
The main architect was Isa khan. Shah Jahan cut off the hands of all the workers after the completion of the Taj , so mahal that no one would ever be able to build such a marvelous moument again.

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