Emperor Moth -One of the biggest and beautiful moth of the world.

Emperor Moth -One of the biggest and beautiful moth of the world.

About emporer moth :

Emporer moth is one of the biggest and beautiful butterfly. The Scientific name of the beautiful moth is Saturnia pavonia.The moth has just about 3-4 months of life span.The moth has some special features, like It has four very distinctive eye markings - one on each wing. It is the only large moth in the world with eyespots on all the four wings. The smaller Eyed Hawk-moth has two large eyespots on the hindwings only.For it's the unmistakeable features it can be easily identified than other moths.
The spectacular Emperor moth is only resident member of the Saturniidae family which found in britain. It is reasonably common over much of Britain, occupying moorland and open country. the female emperor moth has a wingspan of up to 10cm; and the male is smaller than female emporer moth.
Male emperor moths fly in day and the females fly by night. The females emperor moth rest in low vegetation during the day, releasing a special scent to attract males.
emporer moth Scientific name :- Saturnia pavonia.
Size :- Wingspan approximately 80mm.
Distribution :- Found throughout the U.K.
Months seen :- April to June
Life span :- Adult moth doesn't feed and lives for just 3 or 4 weeks.
Habitat :-Mainly heathland and moorland.
Food :- Caterpillars feed on heather, bramble, blackthorn and hawthorn.

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Emporer caterpillar :

emporer egg

emporer caterpiller
emporer moth- the stage of pupa

After mating the female Emperor moth lays on her eggs within a few hours. The eggs take 10 days to hatch. The caterpillars of emperor moth , seen from May to August. The caterpillars feed on woody plants such as heather, Bramble and Blackthorn.But accroding to wikipedia's article the species has also been recorded feeding on a huge range of other plants.Click here to see the article on wikipedia. Emporer's caterpillars are usually being black and orange at first.But later they becoming green and with black color rings and yellow and red spots.
emporer moth picture
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