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3 Facebook myths that can upset you if it came true.

3 Facebook myths that can upset you if it came true.

facebook Social media has become a significant part of our modern civilization. Our life never be easier before this social media. Since the social media was discovered it has been continuously upgrades its functions and the way on how they can well-offs our live on Internet.
There are more than 30 bigger social media sites at online which gives you the opportunity to communicate with others in a different ways. One of them is of course no other than FACEBOOK. If you've been on the Internet for any length of time, you've probably come across one of the hundreds of sites which has one at least facebook icon that are floating around the cyberspace.

Now we all known Facebook is one of the most popular sites on internet with more than 200 million users. While Facebook had became one of our daily vocabulary, and the explosive growth of the it has created a fair share of misunderstandings, fabrications and myths.
And while there are so much myths created by rumors , we picked some and today we going share those myths that can change your fellings about Facebook and can make you upsets when its came to truth.

1. Is facebook going to start charging for its service?
When Facebook is in our daily life it makes sense to make their service for some monthly fees.
Although we've heard our whole lives that there's no such thing as a free lunch, so it's only natural for people to suspect if Facebook start charging for its service.
We heard from news that 5 percent of Facebook users agreed to pay $5 for a month basis for the service. If you calculate then you would find that Facebook could generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year in membership fees alone.

But you don't have to worry about it because in a weekly business interview of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg(founder of Facebook) declared that Facebook has no plan to charge their service and it is profitable and growing quickly based only on the strength of its advertising revenues.

2. Does facebook destroy your social skills?
Facebook was made to easier the connectivity with friends and family, but does this convenience come at a heavy cost?
There is no doubts that facebook makes it so easy to say connected to other friends and family in a beautiful way. It is also very helpful to say connected to the long distant relatives. But does it Destroys Your Social Skills ?
I was heard about it might 1 years ago on discovery channel. And when I searched on it , two different aspect of views of doing Facebook was came up to me.
One was , who believes that Facebook puts people to the highly mental disease; And another one was the result of the study on Facebook users at Cambridge university that shows the site can be a useful tool for maintaining relationships that might otherwise be lost.

3. Is facebook going to sell your pictures?
If someone sells your pictures you uploaded on the site to share with others is not a good idea to use that site anymore unless you don't care who sees them.
Same thing happens to the facebook. you probably never imagined that, even if you delete your account, Facebook could use those pictures for commercial purposes. We got heard that Facebook recently changes the company's Terms of Service (TOS), and declared that Facebook could use your pictures for commercial purposes.
But this myth was no longer lived.Because Mark Zuckerberg insists that Facebook has no intention of selling users' pictures for any reason.
So, We have shared the myths as far as we known about facebook. If you know more Hype on facebook don't forget to comment below. Thank keep blogging !!


What is Java programming language and Java technology

Java programming language

java Java is a high-lable programming language. Because it's code can be easily read or understand by human. Java is a true object oriented programming language. What is that mean is in java almost every element is called a object. Java technology is both a programming language and a platform. Java programs need a JVM to run. JVM's full name is Java virtual machine. You can characterized java by all of the following buzzwords:
1. SimpleSimple
2. Object oriented
3. Distributed
4. Multithreaded
5. Dynamic
6. Architecture neutral
7. Portable
8. High performance
9. Robust
james GoslingJava is written by James Gosling and Henry McGilton. But mainly James is the main founder of java. Java was originally designed for use on digital mobile devices, such as cell phones. But after release of java , it gets a huge success mainly for its portability. Java programs can be run on many different types of computers. A Java program runs on any computer with a Java Runtime Environment, also known as a JRE(Java runtime Environment), installed . A JRE is available for almost every type of computer — PCs running Windows, Macintosh computers, Unix or Linux computers, huge mainframe computers, and even cell phones. And Java also using to write application on android.
Java is now the choise of computer science student as a first programming language. It's language syntaxs are similer to the native languages like c or c++. So, if you have any experience with C or C++, you'll find yourself in familiar territory often as you learn the various features of Java.

The Java language itself is very simple. But the real challengeis to learn java is to learn the API of java. The API also called as java library. API is Application programming interface. The Java API contains the basic classes. Without the classes you can not make your many programs. And the classes have tens of thousands of methods you can use in your programs. Like other programming language Java have its own 50 keywords. In the programming world is it also called as a reserved word. The full set of Java API documentation can be found here.
To start programming in Java, all you need to do is download and install the Java development Kit or JDK. The JDK can be found on this link. After download and install the JDK you need a IDE for writing, testing,compilig and runing your java programs. Java programs written in plain text. And the text file is called 'source code'. The source code file name ends with .java extension. It is the similar to the file format you see in your mp3 song or mp4 video etc. Examples are:
MySong.mp4 >> .Mp4 is the file extension
MyJavaProgram.java >> . java is the file extension
To start Learning Java you can visit the offical java tutorial site of oracle. Here is some link you can visit to know and explore more about java and java technology.


Mind reader machine - A machine that translate your thoughts into words.

Mind reader machine - A machine that translate your thoughts into words.
mind reader machine
What is the mind reader machine?
A mind reading machine is a one step closer to the reality.Scientists discovered a way of translating people's thoughts into words through a machine which's called mind reader machine. The machine is able to translate brain signals into speech using sensors attached to the surface of the brain.And the persentage is accurately up to 90 per cent correct.
The machine could have huge implications for people like Stephen Hawking—and pretty much everyone else.Basically it offers a way to communicate for paralysed patients who cannot speak. If any paralysed person cannot speak but he/she still be able to thinking in his/her mind.And the thoughts are caught by the machine, after caught the thought signals it transfer the thoughts into a sentence.
If it as easy to set up and operate as its creators say it is, then the mind-reader machine could change everything from medicine for severely motor- impaired patients to the way all of us interact with technology.
The machine looks like a motocycl-helmet !
It is a futuristic motorcycle-type helmet containing metal brush sensors that will read brain activity as your thinking and imaginations.
The experimental breakthrough came when researchers were attached two button sized grids of 16 tiny electrodes to the speech centres of the brain of an epileptic patient. The sensors were attached to the surface of the brain of the patient. After the experiment the electrodes were converted into a full functional helmet,Which looks like a motorcycle-helmet.
mind reading

The first time when the 16 tiny electrodes were used on a patient the scientists recorded the brain signals in a computer as the patient read some words ; such as "hello" "goodbye" "hot" "cold" etc.
After than the scientists said to the patient to repeats the words.They were amazed how the brain signel codes were matched correctly to the before. This was the story how the mind reader machine build and has came to us today.But of course !! the machine is now able to write the signal's codes into a proper sentence. But many of us saying that it has even a bad effect to the total human civilization.


Emperor Moth -One of the biggest and beautiful moth of the world.

Emperor Moth -One of the biggest and beautiful moth of the world.

About emporer moth :

Emporer moth is one of the biggest and beautiful butterfly. The Scientific name of the beautiful moth is Saturnia pavonia.The moth has just about 3-4 months of life span.The moth has some special features, like It has four very distinctive eye markings - one on each wing. It is the only large moth in the world with eyespots on all the four wings. The smaller Eyed Hawk-moth has two large eyespots on the hindwings only.For it's the unmistakeable features it can be easily identified than other moths.
The spectacular Emperor moth is only resident member of the Saturniidae family which found in britain. It is reasonably common over much of Britain, occupying moorland and open country. the female emperor moth has a wingspan of up to 10cm; and the male is smaller than female emporer moth.
Male emperor moths fly in day and the females fly by night. The females emperor moth rest in low vegetation during the day, releasing a special scent to attract males.
emporer moth Scientific name :- Saturnia pavonia.
Size :- Wingspan approximately 80mm.
Distribution :- Found throughout the U.K.
Months seen :- April to June
Life span :- Adult moth doesn't feed and lives for just 3 or 4 weeks.
Habitat :-Mainly heathland and moorland.
Food :- Caterpillars feed on heather, bramble, blackthorn and hawthorn.

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Emporer caterpillar :

emporer egg

emporer caterpiller
emporer moth- the stage of pupa

After mating the female Emperor moth lays on her eggs within a few hours. The eggs take 10 days to hatch. The caterpillars of emperor moth , seen from May to August. The caterpillars feed on woody plants such as heather, Bramble and Blackthorn.But accroding to wikipedia's article the species has also been recorded feeding on a huge range of other plants.Click here to see the article on wikipedia. Emporer's caterpillars are usually being black and orange at first.But later they becoming green and with black color rings and yellow and red spots.
emporer moth picture