Cyber crime in 2014 - How to stay protected from being hacked.

Cyber crime in 2014 - How to stay protected from being hacked

I just being amaze how the new technologies are impacting on us.Nowadays we gives more importence on our digitel identification than the real of our life. That's the factor many of us saying that digitel life and all it's bad and good influences of online are becoming more serious matter.
Accroding to me there is two fundamental differences between digitel and real life.Digitel life is what we want to live and other one is the real life in which we lives.
Now at present everyone knows about facebook.But now you may ask what's the wrong about it. wait.. I does not mean that we are affected with new technologies.But There are also have some harmes that we should know about. In 2012 deu to indian calculation of web or online or internet hackes,and cyber crimes were as huge as we ever can't imagine.

Now digital life is deeply connected with the real life and we can't live without it. It's now became a important part of our life. And that's why internet hackes has been increasing constantly. And in 2013 the cyber crime will be more dangerous.We are now using online banking,online money transfer system like paypal. Which throgh we transfers money one place to other.So we have to Learning the protection ways to stay away from being hacked. Here are 6 ways I listed below thats you should follow in 2013 to using internet safely.

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1. Don't purchase any online product from any unknown website.
One of the popular hacking technique that most are used at current days is fishing technique.
Don't click any link thats are came into the inbox of your email and offered you an unbelievable online buying offers , don't click on any of those links.When you will clicked on that link your all the informations of the email id will be already in the hacker's control. In that way all the passwords of all the websites you signed up will be gone to the hackers. If you have a paypal account with the same email id then the hacker easily can transfer your all the cash to his account.

2. Always do shopping from known website such as ebay, homeshop18(Indian). This shopping sites have their own security programs.

3. When you are going to submit your credit card informations , check out the url of the webpage.It should be like this "https://". here 's' is for security signal.

4. Don't use your phone number as a password.
This is a old fashion of password. Now hackers are using social media site such as Facebook and twitter.The hacker may be your online social media friend and known the phone number of yours. As I said it before if your password is your phone member then you know what will be do with you.

5. Use different passwords in different websites.
If you can't remmember your different passwords,and using one password for all.Then if hacker will known your one password he definitly will try the password in different places.

6.Don't Submit your informations in any mobile app you are going to use. May be the app is made by the hacker.Use always top developer apps. Before install you should know the background of the app and check out the official website of the app.

use this tips and stay away from being hacked. Thank you !!


Werewolf -The mistry of history

Were wolf - The mistry of history
werewolf picture
Written by : Shiba Prasad Jana

what actually werewolf is ? is it fact based on concrete evidences ? is it a myth or is it an exaggeration of some other things ? these questions puzzling mankind for last five centuries. in accordance with many myths and rescerchers werewolf is a person who transforms himself/herself or being transformed into wolf under the influence of full moon. rescerchers also say that it is a supernatural phenomenon.
It attacas and kills then eat domestic animals, animals of forest, peoples. but there are also remedies. the ancient greek and roman belief is exhaution and the modern belief is werewolf is vulnerable to silver weapons like bullet, lance, dagger etc. the word werewolf is derived from two old-saxon, were(meaning man) and wolf. in old culture and modern culture werewolf has seen in many countries like america, albania, croatia, france, greece, norway, brazil, portugal, india, russia, spain, montenegro etc.

the power of werewolf extends to human form such as invulneability to conventional injury due to their healing factor, super-human speed and strength and falling on their feet from high falls. also aggressiveness and animalistic urges may be intensified and harder control (hunger, sexual arousal). Myth, phantasy however, it is curious and wired. these supernatural phenomena always influence mankind and will be always influenced by it.