How does it feel when you are dying ?

Nobody can tell how does it feel when you are dying. Because after you die you can't explain it. But as a basic idea we are all knows that dying is very painfull and we can not endure it. So how can we know what a dying person feels? - well if science and accounts from lucky survivors help us then we can make an idea about it.
And the lucky person is luckily one of my friend. I can not say his name but can give a flash of his photo.

The servivor of
In India 40% of the amount of suiside attempts are majorly comes from students. When student have no ways they likes to choose attempt to suiside as a only one way which surely give their the leisure from all the troubles.
The story start from the time when we were at high school. I had no many problems with my life at the time. But when our H.S exam was coming and for preparation we was meeting together for a little time. Our first exam was bangali and the bengali exam we was done well. After the bangali exam came english exam. He was always week in english and normally as the result his english exam was not done well. This was the bad day when he was going to attempt to suiside. I had no idea about he will take to attempt such a strong and horrible work. At the day of the english exam I was call him to come over my home and plaining to go to school with together. But he said that he was not coming.After end of english exam I was going straight to his home. His mother said to me when I reached to their home that he was attempt to suiside the last night and somehow his father safed him. When I asked him about the fellings when he was in almost near of death. he said in bengali. ---
" jokhon amar gola diye tan porchilo amar chokher samne sada hoye gelo. Mone holo jeno golar har venge jabe. Mukh open korte parbi na. Sudhu hus-push kore sound ber korte parbi.."

But what's the medical/ biological support for all these aspects? -- A report released by New Scientist earlier this month answered to some questions related to the feelings and sensations a person experiences in various ways of dying. Generally, a person is considered dead when blood circulation (translated in heart activity) has stopped. This is the clinical death, but in many cases, modern technology has permitted the restart / recovery of heart activity - such methods include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), defibrillation, epinephrine shots. So perhaps it would be more biologically correct to say that the person has died when the brain is dead.
In the case most people died for the neck broken from the first cervical vertebra, and death should come in a matter of seconds, maximum 2 minutes. The reality is more shocking: over three quarters of the convicted die after a torture of many minutes, during which they desperately try to breathe.
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